Committees Done Right - Lessons from Lori Modde, Outdoors NSW & ACT #37

02.07.24 09:39 AM By Olena Lima and Angela Shelton

Join us for a chat with Lori Modde about committee management and our shared love for the outdoors, packed with valuable insights on managing committees effectively and engaging volunteers.

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Committee management doesn’t always come easy, but with the right strategies and insights, it can be incredibly rewarding. Join hosts Olena Lima and Angela Shelton as they welcome Lori Modde, CEO of Outdoors NSW & ACT, to the Association Hub podcast.

In this episode, Lori shares her expertise on managing committees effectively, drawing from her extensive experience in the sport and outdoor industries. Learn how Lori successfully manages 10 committees with 53 members, ensuring productive meetings, clear communication, and engaged volunteers. 

Discover practical tips on setting up committees, maintaining motivation, and leveraging technology to enhance committee management. Whether you're looking to improve your committee management skills or curious about best practices in the association world, this episode is packed with valuable insights.