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When Member Experience Takes Centre Stage with John Chatterton, ACS #34
John shares how ACS has combined six key departments—Member Insights, Innovation and Product Development, Marketing, Events, Partnerships, and Member Services—with the sole goal of delivering exceptional member experience.
The Evolution of Industry Partnerships with Jo Kane, RIMPA #23
Let's uncover the critical role collaborations play, not just in records and information management, but across the association space with Jo Kane.
Navigating AI in Sponsorships & Partnerships with Julian Moore, SMS #12
Explore how AI is transforming partnerships and what to expect in the coming year across the APAC region with Julian Moore.
Growth, Transformation and Leadership with Marianne Kintzel, RWTA #3
Explore the importance of effective leadership in the association industry and its impact on organisational growth, featuring Marianne Kintzel’s transformative journey as the leader of the RWTA.