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Member Experience & Personalisation

In today’s digital age, personalising member experiences is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Associations and membership organisations that prioritise personalised engagement are seeing higher member satisfaction, increased retention rates, and stronger community bonds. By understanding what each member needs and prefers, you can create special interactions that foster a positive member experience.

Tune in to Association Hub Podcast's discussions on Member Experience and Personalisation to learn from industry experts who embrace personalisation and see firsthand how it positively impacts their organisations.

4 Key Advantages of a Personalised Member Experience

Increased Member Satisfaction

Knowing your members beyond just numbers means addressing their unique preferences, which significantly enhances their satisfaction and overall experience.

Enhanced Engagement

Tailored content and communication capture members’ interests and keep them actively engaged. Personalised experiences encourage members to participate more in events, activities, and discussions. 

Improved Retention Rates

When members feel valued and connected to your association, they are more likely to stay. A personalised member experience helps build strong, loyal relationships that reduce churn and improve retention rates. 

Data-Driven Insights

Personalisation requires understanding your members through data. By analysing member behaviour and preferences, you gain valuable insights that inform your strategies and improve your offerings.

Rich Episodes on Member Experience & Personalisation

🎧 Creating Personalised Member Experiences with Chris Grice, National Seniors Australia #2

In this episode, we discover the power of personalisation and chat with Chris Grice, Chief Operating Officer of National Seniors Australia about his experience of embracing content marketing and personalisation.


🎧 Personalised Member Experience with Eva Roden, AMA Victoria #9

Our special guest Eva Roden, COO of the Australian Medical Association (Victoria), takes us through her organisation's remarkable journey in creating customised experiences for their diverse member audience.


🎧    A Consumer-Centric Shift in Association Strategy with Michelle Weston, Caravan Parks Association of Queensland #29

Michelle Weston shares with us how Caravanning Queensland supports caravan enthusiasts and works to enhance the caravanning experience across the state. 


🎧 When Member Experience Takes Centre Stage with John Chatterton, ACS #34

John shares how ACS has combined six key departments—Member Insights, Innovation and Product Development, Marketing, Events, Partnerships, and Member Services—with the sole goal of delivering exceptional member experience.


Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we continue to explore new topics and bring you the latest insights from the world of associations!

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