Blog by Olena Lima and Angela Shelton

For associations who want to be more engaging right now, where should they start? Amanda Lea Kaiser #38
Join us for a conversation with Amanda Lea Kaiser as we dive into the essentials of member engagement in our latest episode!
Why Implementation Stalls & How to Reignite Progress, with Rosie Yeo #35
Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that will empower you to transform strategic challenges into opportunities for growth.
When Member Experience Takes Centre Stage with John Chatterton, ACS #34
John shares how ACS has combined six key departments—Member Insights, Innovation and Product Development, Marketing, Events, Partnerships, and Member Services—with the sole goal of delivering exceptional member experience.
Is a Career in Associations Even a Thing? with Joanne Phillips #33
Joanne shares her unique journey, discussing the essential skills and experiences that have shaped her successful career in association.
Accidental Association Professional with Donna South #32
Discover how Donna's journey into association professionalism unfolded by chance, offering a wealth of relatable stories, tips on leadership, and insights into the importance of adopting a growth mindset.
Preserving the Past, Paving the Future: CPRA's Rebranding Experience with Louise Harland-Cox #31
Louise explores the challenges and successes of rebranding an established 75-year-old association on a limited budget.
Unmasking Imposter Syndrome in Association Leadership with Sam Osborne #30
Learn the impact of Imposter Syndrome in the association community, inspired by Sam's article in the Associations Evolve Journal.
A Consumer-Centric Shift in Association Strategy with Michelle Weston, Caravan Parks Association of Queensland #29
Michelle Weston shares with us how Caravanning Queensland supports caravan enthusiasts and works to enhance the caravanning experience across the state.
Navigating Skill Gaps: How the Australian Marketing Institute’s Competency Framework Shapes Future Marketers #28
Delve into the AMI's innovative solution to one of the most pressing challenges facing professionals today: navigating the overwhelming information landscape to achieve career success.
Uniting Differences: Inclusive Design Strategies for Associations with  Dr Manisha Amin #27
Manisha brings warmth and wisdom as she unfolds the secrets of inclusive design, showing us how it's more than just a buzzword — it's a game changer for associations.